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How busy is too busy?!!!

For many a job and a family are enough and anything in addition would simply tip them over the edge or have them purport the question ‘do I not do enough?!’.

For others, you can hear the mantra ‘give me more’ being shouted from the rooftops. The more they do, seemingly, the more efficient they become.

“Why do tomorrow, that which can be done today”

“If you want something done ask a busy person”

Little pearls of wisdom, that for those of us who wander around the realms of positive mental attitude, breed feelings of guilt and for some even result in panic attacks, if we seem to be drifting from this ideal.


I ask you, is it ok to want to fill every solitary minute with productive and thought provoking stuff? Things that, it is believed will bring you ever closer to the day you can proudly state that ‘you made a difference’. Well, I am going to explore this by getting and teensy weensy bit personal. I hope that is ok?

Back in April 2012, I had a life changing experience!!! I took a family holiday, something that in nearly two decades I had only done once before. What were you expecting…..a near death experience? Sure I had been on many holidays before, my partner and I, or my daughter and I, but never the three of us! To be honest the thought filled me with dread. To add to the anxiety, I had left all the arrangements in the (un) trustworthy hands of my partner whom decided self-catering was the only way. This in my head was the sin of all sins! All holidays, for me, prior to this had been of the ‘all inclusive’ persuasion. The thought of cooking while on holiday was enough to send me running for the hills, well actually I thought it was a bit of a cheek and I would inevitably end up cooking! What the hell, this was supposed to be a holiday!

I knew however that my partner, being the snob that he is, would make it his mission to find the best! I am sure there are some deep rooted psychological reasons for this but we can save this analysis for another time. Anyways, who did I think I was turning my nose up at a free holiday? I know, I know, that should not have been my main focus, however I am on the whole a very honest person and am simply sharing my thoughts at the time (honesty, remember).

The holiday was a raging success! Now I don’t want you looking back over previous text checking whether you have missed something. There is a point to this story! I promise! Believe in my honesty, believe.

So how did this experience change my life?

What it did for me was to offer pure unadulterated time for reflection and well overdue quality time with a family that I realized are my heart and soul.

It gave me the ability to see!!! Before this I was not only an employee but a business owner and student as well as maintaining a relationship, being a mother and running a home. I dread to think how long I could have continued at that pace before something had to give……possibly my health! It put my world into perspective. I was engaged in work and business activities that were too much like hard work. Draining my enthusiasm, time and vitality. I simply did not enjoy what I did. Things had to change.

So what did I do? I changed direction. Changing direction is ok. I confess, I like being freakishly busy, but I also love to have fun. I am extremely fortunate in that I know what I love. I however was in an extremely unfortunate position. I simply was not engaged in the activity that I loved!

So where am I now?

I am still as busy but I am simply in love with the reason why. Everything I now do, I do for the sheer enjoyment. I am still a mother, a partner, an employee, a student and now a blogger, but they are all related. The blogging, the job the MSc are all within the same subject area, enhancing, building and reinforcing my newly established knowledge. The interlinking now means I have much more time with my family as I kill several birds with one very efficient stone.

Our ability to multitask and handle conflicting responsibilities during our allocated time is very much about the individual. That which is deemed busy by some may be as slow and mundane as watching an episode of the life of mollusks for others. Our uniqueness reflects the purity and essence of humanity. Our ability to manage our time is a skill worth mastering. The ability to relate and overlap multiple areas in our lives is undeniably a skill we should all wish to harness.

So stop! Take stock and then go forth prosper.

Live what you love

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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