River Rat Race Finisher

My Medal of Honour
My Medal of Honour

We did it!!!! The London River Rat Race 10K aquatic assault course was conquered this day Saturday 16 August 2014 and it was every bit the fun we had anticipated with the exception of a few hairy moments!! We ran, leapt, jumped, dove, slid, climbed and swung our way to victory on this gruelling but fun, aquatic assault course.

barsWe arrived at the London Excel Centre at 8.30am for a 9.30am race time, on arrival the place was buzzing. At registration we were issued with our high tech race key, wristbands and our awesome Rat Race t-shirt. Putting that T-shirt on was like a mini initiation ceremony, inducing a feeling of camaraderie amongst both my ‘Breakin Boundrez’ team members and other Rat Race participants. Just before our race began we were taken through a warm up with some great instructors from The Gym Group and that was it – ready to rock and roll!!!


Warm up

The race began indoors with a series of hurdles encountered less than 50 metres from the start line followed by a 6ft wall climb and jump – these guys certainly were not messing when they put this course together – whoa!

After approx 400 metres we were released into the outdoors.  The obstacles were both fun and challenging which was an amazing achievement and testament to the course organisers.  Team work was definitely necessary in completing this course, with some of the obstacles needing assistance to get onto the 10 foot platforms that were between us and them.  This was never a problem as there were always plenty of big strapping men and course assistants on hand to help in any way needed.  I put dignity aside after the 50ft water slide and wrapped my legs around a man I have never met….for safety sake of course….

Despite the challenge, this course offered something for all fitness levels and sporting abilities, totally inclusive and mad fun!!! The admin staff and course assistants on the day were amazing, super helpful and always smiling. They certainly injected well needed motivation during some of the more challenging running phases of the course.

This event comes highly recommended whether entering as a team or as an individual, are sporty/active or not.  It is an absolutely awesome day out and a great opportunity to create the most unforgettable memories.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the River Rat Race Team and say a huge congratulations and well done to my girls, Team Breakin Boundrez.  I could not have done this without your unwavering support.  Also a huge thank you to Colvin Hazzard of Hazpics Photography for keeping up and capturing this amazing day. This will be an experience that I will definitely be sharing with my grandchildren!!!! In fact there was some talk of taking part in the Survival of the Fittest event on November 22 2014 at London’s Wembley Arena!!! So what you saying girls….Colvin!!!!



Take care and I hope you enjoyed reading

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

P.S. I couldn’t not include a picture of me and my medal (very proud)


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