Rumours, Lies and Archetypes

I met with Beverly ‘Amari’ Blaize a Psychotherapist that specializes in the Transpersonal; a school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. It is also possible to define it as a “spiritual psychology”. It is often the preferred choice in Bereavement, Relationship and Victim support counselling.

Having practised for many years the spiritual dimension of Amari’s practice soon emerged as a dominant interest; a dimension she describes as being ‘above your daily life’ and true to form Amari began to ask questions of herself. Noticing common threads or patterns across her clients she pondered over the possibility of a deeper more poignant reason for these reoccurring patterns in the lives of people that were seemingly unrelated.  This pondering lead Amari to the works of Carl Jung.

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist whose ideas permeate today’s culture and was the founding father of Archetypes; an interpretation of the earlier works of Plato, the true reason for this piece.  Further research lead to the discovery of the works of Caroline Myss.  Caroline refashioned the earlier work of Carl Jung to represent a more modern Archetypal Concept.  In doing this she went on to develop the Sacred Contracts Course taught originally as a series of live workshops that can now be accessed online.

The course ultimately teaches practitioners how to assist individuals to identify and interpret the archetypal patterns that comprise their own ‘Sacred Contract‘. After two years of intensive and dedicated study, practitioners are ready to make available to the public their ability to do archetypal interpretation of an individual’s Sacred Contract.  Amari just happens to be one of the chosen few.

During our session I must admit that I was somewhat fixated on the cards that illustrated the character archetypes.  Amari explained that we have 12 dominant Archetypes, four of which are universal archetypes that relate to survival; The Child (of which there are approx 6) , The Victim, The Prostitute and the Saboteur.  Due to the time that it takes to develop a true sacred contract we agreed on a partial reading that focussed on the four universal archetypes plus four further archetypes identified and selected as most dominant by me.  These would then be placed into my Archetypal Wheel, a process of positioning your Archetypes into the sections of the astronomical wheel.  Amari also explained that I should ask a question seeking either insight or guidance but not necessarily a definitive answer.  I chose to focus on receiving  insight regarding my desire to change career. Before I could begin, a rather interesting discussion ensued as I had the task of choosing the DOMINANT universal child character.  The Child establishes our perceptions of life, safety, nurture, loyalty, and family. Its many aspects include the Wounded Child, Abandoned or Orphan Child, Dependent, Innocent, Nature, and Divine Child.

When reading the characteristics of each it became glaringly obvious to me that I was the Orphan Child (read more here).

Now let me explain.  I have the ability to completely detach, a character trait that I began to observe from around the age of seven.  I remember because it was at this time that I began my annual pilgrimage to the West Country.  My mother enrolled me on a programme that allowed (ahem dissaffected) inner city children to experience a different way of life (albeit for two weeks out of every year).  Now before you pass judgement I must say that this experience shaped me.  I was profoundly affected by the stark contrasts in lifestyle and general practises observed during my stay. It also enabled me to recognise the orphan in me.  I was able at this young age to completely detach from the life that I knew and embrace this new experience.  I felt no sense of loss that my mother had sent me away to stay with people that she frankly did not know! The experience, in essence, became my life until, well until it was over.  I made this trip once a year every year until I was about 16 years old and remain so close to the people that welcomed me into their home that I consider them family and they me.

At the age of 18 I did it again.  I picked myself up and went to the USA for a year on an exchange programme (well thats what it was called but nobody came and slept in my bed).  I left my friends, family oh and boyfriend without a backward glance.  I was often labelled ‘cold’ by my peers; an observation I believed that lacked in depth and imagination!!

Now lets get back to the task at hand

  1. Amari instructed me to randomly select four house cards (see the Archetypal Wheel) and place them face down and side by side on the table.
  2. I was then instructed to take the four universal archetypes, turn them over so that I was unable to see the characters and place them face down on top of the already selected house cards…..are you following?
  3. Next I took the four characters I had selected and repeated the last step
  4. Next from the pack of remaining cards, I repeated the above steps
  5. I was then instructed to turn each pile of cards over one by one so that I could see the archetypal characters and the house that they were to be allocated to.  I wrote each of the characters into my wheel in the appropriate house starting at the centre of the wheel and working out.
  6. Once four of the 12 sections of the wheel were completed Amari went to work

The session was so detailed that I am unable to discuss my archetypal interpretation in all its mystical glory, however what I can say is that it was astoundingly accurate.  Not only did it reaffirm past thoughts and feelings, it did so for those that exist in the present.

Make no mistakes, this was a physically, spiritually and emotionally tasking process that is extremely worthwhile for those of us that are constantly seeking purpose and believe ourselves to be ‘here for a reason’.  Although I only received what Amari defined as a partial reading I am a believer.  Characters will resonate with you for both positive and not so positive reasons.  You will find that you finally admit to things about your dominant characters that you have been in denial about even to yourself.  If you are committed to both self development and self discovery I cannot think of a better investment in your time. Lets just say change is afoot in the Fuzzy Monz-Star camp.

Does this sound like your missing link or are you just intrigued and would like to find out more, contact

The Barking Bath House 020 82272991 | info@barkingbathhouse.com | @SpaandBar

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Amari Blaize has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a Life Coach,  author and blogger. After a 2-year study programme at Caroline Myss Education Institute in Chicago, Amari’s workshops called Archetypes and Self-knowledge, supports participants to identify personal behavioural patterns that animate their life. 2-hr introductory and one-day sessions throughout the year plus individual one2one-coaching available.    Join Archetypes Forum on Facebook. For further information email Amari at askforum3@gmail.com

Love and Light

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