The Monster Mash

Back in April I was invited to attend the Curry’s Monster Mash Up event at the plush St Pancreas Leisure, Kings Cross, London.  The event caught my attention as it was being led by keynote speaker Dr Karageorghis, a man famed for his remarkable work around music and its effects on sporting  performance.  I have always had a strong belief that music had a positive and profound effect on my performance as an athlete (exercise just doesn’t quite feel the same without it) and I was intrigued to understand the scientific evidence behind this.

We were given a warm welcome as always (thank you Joe Blogs) –  coconut water and fruit on arrival, you gotta love this kind of VIP treatment and then off we went.  Dr Karageorghis had my attention from the get go.  His presentation was a perfect mix both interactive and informative – he even threw a sneaky intra blogger competition lol.  Did you know that music increases exercise endurance by up to 15%?  I knew it was significant but admittedly I was surprised by this figure.  Interested in finding out other incredible music and exercise related facts then check out

The event was everything I had hoped for and more.  More, came in the form of Lauren Karl, a personal trainer from KB Personal Training who gave us a brilliant overview of how fuel our workouts and wait for it Monster Products.  Monster gave us a full demonstration of some of their awesome products AND a brand new pair of ‘not yet available (at the time)  in the shops’ iSport Super Slim Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.  Check these bad boys out!

Chuffed is an understatement.  These handy little babies have completely changed my workout AND freed up space in my gym bag as I no longer carry my over the head headphones.  No more games of playing catch the falling headphones on the leg curl machine and spending hours tucking cords into my gym clothes lol.  A firm and cherished favourite.

I would like to extend a big thank you to Joe Blogs for organising the event and Curry’s and Monster for furnishing us with such a awesome gift.  They are certainly a conversation starter! Again don’t forget to check out more information about the April event at

Love & Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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