Do you even Blend Bros

When I first read about Blend Bros I remember sitting back in my seat and thinking ‘Genius’.  A savoury protein blend.  Blend Bros have combined Pea Protein with quality herbs and spices resulting in a tasty addition to your muscle building arsenal,  packing an awesome 22g of protein per serving – and because it is made with top quality pea protein it is dairy free and suitable for Vegans (let me hear you say yay!).

Blend Bros is a BRAND NEW, FAMILY RUN BUSINESS (yes the capital letters do mean I am shouting! – its the excitement of it all). When the opportunity to review these fabulous high protein sauce blends came up I had to take a step back and thank the universe for once again delivering.  This stuff is awesome!

Blend Bros generously sent me 3 of there current products to try. Check them out below.  Not only was I chuffed to bits to receive them, I also spent a considerable amount of time admiring this tres chic tin.  I mean talk about great design – this tin is going to get recycled in all kinds of ways

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Me being me i tried the sauce out ‘as is’  to understand the base flavours and how I might work with them (just a little anal like that) and then the experimentation was underway

Using the Thai Jungle Curry Savoury Blend, I created a Chicken and King prawn curry.  Fuzzy Jnr’s verdict was that it tasted like takeaway and devoured the plate in under 5 minutes.  Now if a teenager of 14 years (15 in a month) is putting there stamp on it you are definitely on the right track.  In addition to the sauce i added a garlic, pimento and ginger mix, 1 whole lime, some fresh ginger, mange tout and baby corn and just let it simmer.  The result was sublime.

I created the Paella using the Spanish Tomato and Chorizo Savoury Blend.  Using around a teaspoon of coconut oil, I fried a whole red onion and 3 large chopped garlic cloves. In went 200g of spinach, 100g of fine green beans and 50g of corn.  I added around 200g of King Prawns and 200g of mixed seafood, the juice of one fresh lime.  Simmered until the prawns turned pink.  I prepared the savoury blend and poured over the cooking ingredients.  I added 100g (dry weight) of cooked basmati rice, 2 teaspoons of smoked paprika and mixed thoroughly.  I let cook on a low heat until all the liquid had been absorbed.  Well as you can see the results were pretty damn good.  This serves around 4 but I ate it all…..over 2 days and at multiple meals – I loved it!

With the final blend of Mexican Pibil Stew, I made my legendary Turkey Burgers (recipe coming soon).  I usually add an unflavoured protein powder to these bad boys but thought lets see what Blend Bros can do to these firm favourites.  The results were better than expected.  Then blend gave my burgers a fabulous glaze as you can see in the picture (click on the image to get the feeling of being in the same room lol)

I was pretty damn impressed with all the blends.  I generally use a pea protein to supplement my protein intake and find it has an extremely distinct texture that can be, at times, a little off putting.  So much so I will drink it but I cannot cook with it, despite numerous attempts.  To cook I use an unflavoured Whey Protein which has caused me to furrow my brow on more than one occasion lol.  Now that I have Blend Bros in my life my brow can remain eternally unfurrowed.

Not sure which Savoury Blend to go for? Blend Bros have already thought of the solution.  Head to Musclefood now to order a Blend Bros Savoury Blend Selection Pack of single serve sachets. Click here for more information or to place an order!14494-blend-bros-high-protein-sauce-variety-pack

Check them out now on

Twitter: @BlendBros | Instragram: @BlendBros | Facebook: /BlendBros

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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