Gymbox – Game Day Ready

Game Day Ready launched last week at Gymbox Stratford Westfield. The class, a combination of sports specific drills, strength power and stability work prepares you for anything life throws at you or in the words of Instructor Firas Iskandarani aka CoachFufu; Game Day Ready is a combination of strength, agility and finesse.

As a hardcore gym bunny and self confessed girl who lifts, this class did if for me. Instructor Firas was the perfect combination of entertaining and drill sergeant. The combinations of exercises were challenging yet easy to grasp. I could see why a class like this could help Gymbox members to achieve any goal whether fitness or weight loss.

The class divided itself into three sections of 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off with three exercises in the first two sections and four exercises in the final section. Exercises included classic push/pull, variations on the pull-up, kettlebells and TRX. A brilliant combination in my opinion!

You can find a video of this awesome class here.

Check out class times and locations at and follow instructor Firas on twitter and instagram @CoachFufu

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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