Enough to make you GO APE #BGOAPE

I LOVE TO PLAY and organised play sessions with like minded bloggers are definitely my idea of fun.  Firstly I would like to say a resounding thank you to the guys at Joe Blogs.  Please join me in giving them a round of applause.  They work so hard to keep us bloggers engaged and begging for more.  So thank you Joe Blogs.


It was a weekend in September when a group of nutters aka bloggers took to the trees at GoApe Trent Park courtesy of BGO (#bgoape).  The sun had put his hat on…..hip hip hip hooray and we were definitely up for going out to play.  We started our awesome adventure with an obligatory safety demo and were sent on our way with one key piece of information – STAY ATTACHED!

Tree top routes included ‘easy’ options, if you can describe walking across pieces of wood suspended from the tops of trees and swinging freely beneath your feet as easy or more challenging! The choice was yours.  Taking the initial leap onto the cargo nets and jumping from platforms to begin your zip wire descent was both a terrifying and galvanizing experience – EVERYTIME, but so worth it.

GoApe was without a doubt an adventure I will definitely be repeating, with each experience differing from the last and offering its own brand of entertainment.

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Want to see more?! Click here for more information about our awesome adventures from BGO.

Take care

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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