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Several weeks back the amazing people at the The Protein Works sent little ole me a huge box of extra special treats to try.  Once i got over the initial excitement of receiving such a generous supply, I set to work on sampling, creating and reflecting.  The box of awesomeness contained

Belgian Choca Mocha Protein Coffee Cooler 

Infused with premium ROCKET FUEL® coffee, guarana & green coffee bean extract. Protein Coffee Coolers are made with TPW™ award-winning Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein for the ultimate in high protein beverages. A single 30g serving boasts an impressive 21.1g of Protein

Double Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix 

A high protein, low GI, great tasting snack. It includes a tri-protein blend of whey, milk and egg protein, Pure Fine Oats, Medium Chain Triglycerides. Boasting a whooping 30.7g of Protein per 55g serving.  Last but by no means least

Natural Sunflower Protein

100% pure, plant based dairy-free protein derived from organic sunflower seeds.

(All product information extracted from

These beauts even match the colour scheme in my kitchen!

Now that you know what was received, I can tell you what I did.  First things first the Protein Coffee Cooler.  Now I don’t know if you recall reading somewhere up there about the Protein Coffee Coolers unique infusion with a product known as ROCKET FUEL! I mean this stuff is tremendous.  I am not generally known to be a pre-workout type of gal (due to a very bad experience that still traumatizes me to this day) but have been known to dabble in a black coffee or two before a workout, mainly to increase focus and concentration.  Now, let me set the scene.

I met with a fellow #GirlWhoLifts, figure competitor and overall awesome gal, Lisa Ogwe for a cheeky but clean Nandos.  Before leaving, I packed my Super Slim SmartShake with a serving of Belgian Choca Mocha Coffee Cooler and 150ml of Rice Milk, to down about 30 minutes before my workout. After our lunch and chin wag – that lasted around three hours – dont judge me! – I decided to take full advantage of the Nandos Ice Machine – creating a super deluxe Frappe Belgian Choca Mocha Coffee Cooler (this is to be said in the style of clueless).  It was lush – I sipped it casually wanting to appear chic and somewhat sophisticated but really I wanted to down it in one. It was  both creamy and velvety smooth – went down an absolute treat.

About 5 minutes in it hit me, literally.  Rocket Fuel indeed.  I felt like I just popped an NZT (See Limitless) I left Nandos raring to go.  The workout that ensued was by far the best ever, hitting several personal bests.  I lifted heavier, was more focused, glowed like the angelic being that I am and on completion of the awesomeness that was my workout I was still buzzing! This stuff is great.  Can you tell that i loved the stuff.  The Protein Works Coffee Cooler comes highly recommended especially on those lackluster days when that naughty devil on your shoulder is telling you that missing a workout is a good thing to do! It even makes an awesome pancake – a long story lol

Next I tried out the Double Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix. I consider myself to be the supreme goddess of all things protein pancake so I was curious to see how these bad boys turned out.  First impressions was that the mix was really easy to create.  Just add water or your choice of milk to two scoops of powder. Oh and that reminds me, The Protein Works supplies tres chic scoops in all their packets.  The mixture was lovely and thick but poured easily.  Cooking was a pleasure too.  When done there was a lovely crispy glaze on the outside with a light a fluffy texture on the inside.  If that wasn’t enough, The Proteins Works have put chunks of chocolate into the Double Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix that melt on cooking.  Can we say heaven!

Enter experimentation.  I don’t often buy fruit (its a body building thing) but there were a few ripe bananas in my fruit bowl so I decided to slice them into the pancake mix while cooking.  Very proud of the result. See for yourself.

2015-10-23 20.47.46

The Natural Sunflower Protein Powder was an absolute pleasure to work with.  My love of cooking has led me down the path of Clean Sweet Treats and I have been seeking out a good quality Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Wheat Free Protein Powder to supplement my treats.  I have definitely found it. The Natural Sunflower Protein Powder added extra crunch to my cookies and gave my chocolate biscuit base that extra special crumble. A definite winner.

I work with a variety of protein products frequently and in my opinion The Protein Works products, at least those listed above, have performed the best and fit perfectly into my lifestyle.  The Protein Works have a huge selection of products to suit most, if not all dietary requirements at prices to suit every budget.  They genuinely and without hesitation come highly recommended.

Check out the full range of Protein Works products here and keep up to date with new products and offers by following them on twitter @TheProteinWorks and instagram @ TheProteinWorks

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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