Introducing NOIR Hair Salon

wp-1479810680038.pngI have been visiting NOIR since I first did away with my dreadlocks back in 2012 – many women will tell you – once you find a good hairdresser you will cross mountains to get to them. NOIR works well for me; my hairdresser and owner of NOIR Hair Salon, Sharleen Raphael understands my lifestyle and styles my hair to suit.

Sharleen Raphael
Sharleen Raphael

Every female bodybuilder understands that package is everything! Once you have a competition date you are consumed by everything competition prep – training, food, bikini, make-up, nails, posing and all importantly, HAIR!

I am a prolific head sweater and racked my brains for weeks about my stage hair. As every bodybuilder knows, you sweat more on that stage than you have ever done, through any workout, so it is important to style your hair in a way that will hold and doesn’t have you strutting around like a drowned balding rat. I always wear my Dri Sweat flex head tie or Dri Sweat Edge headband from First Line to work out and preserve my do, but knew that just would not do for the stage. I was beside myself when NOIR asked to create a bespoke wig to save on my hair woes. Having never worn a wig I was a little dubious but was amazed at what could be done – most celebrities wear wigs and we are none the wiser – so if it is good enough for celebrities it is good enough for me.

Without further ado I would like to introduce to you, NOIR, the official hair sponsor of The Baking BodyBuilder.

1. Tell us a bit about you and what led you to hairdressing?

My Mother was a hairdresser and owned her own hair salon for over 20 years. As a small child I was fascinated with how changing a persons  hair and make-up could completely transform how they look. Over the years I watched my mum – a very talented stylist transforming women, men and children alike. It was during this time I realised that this was exactly what I wanted to do .  As a young girl I would experiment with different styles on my friends and after leaving school I worked in several salons across London.  This helped me in the development of my skills and personal style as I wanted to become a creative within the hairdressing world. I finally decided to consolidate that learning by going off to college aged 18 to get a formal hairdressing qualification. After years of hard work I finally opened my own Salon, NOIR, in 2009

2. The shop name, NOIR, how did this come about?

Being from a country that speaks French, English and Creole, I wanted a name that was not only related to hairdressing but reflected my history and identity. After deliberating over a few names I thought NOIR was the best fit

3. You made me a wonderful show wig – what can people who also want a bespoke wig expect at a consultation and follow up appointments?

The initial consultation will involve in depth discussions about what you want and the look you are trying to achieve.  There will be a discussion about the hair that needs to be purchased and closure units – NOIR can do this for you or you can purchase the necessary hair from a separate stockist

The next appointment involves the wig creation.  This is all done on the client’s head.  A wig cap will be fitted to your head and the hair sewn onto the wig cap.  Once complete the hair will be cut and styled as desired.  This appointment can last up to 5 hours allowing for all adjustments to be made there and then and for you to walk away knowing that it is perfect.

Your completed bespoke wig can last several years IF you care for it

4. What other services does NOIR provide?

NOIR services all hair types – European through to natural Afro-Caribbean.  We provide a colouring service, cutting, chemical treatment, braids and weaves (hair extensions). We also encourage our customers to return for regular deep conditions and trims to maintain the health of their hair.

5. Are there any special offers those who are reading could benefit from?

First time customers benefit from 20% off their first visit – Student Discounts, OAP Discounts and other promotional discounts are also available to customers who join our mailing list. We also run a loyalty card scheme.

6. How can readers get in touch?

Address:         193 Wood Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 3NU

Website:         http://www.noirhairsalon.com/

Telephone:    +44 (0)20 8520 2923

Facebook:      www.facebook.com/noirhairsalon

Twitter:          @noirhairsalon

Instagram:    @noirhairsalon   


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