Focus On Creating your Ultimate Self is the product of an union between three women of like mind and complimentary skill mix.  Andrea Corbett, Temi Nuga and Monica Imbert aka The Baking BodyBuilder

FOCUS was set up to give back. It is an organisation that uses health and fitness to empower, educate and motivate women and girls providing them with key tools and coping mechanisms in the management of stress related conditions, depression, insecurity and loneliness

F.O.C.U.Sing On the Community

F.O.C.U.S CIC is a service for females of all ages,  providing safe learning and sharing environments to Focus On Creating (their) Ultimate Self . We aim to provide workshops on alternative ways of eating healthy, develop healthy food preparation skills, provide information on the impact of food on mood/behaviour and provide confidential representation for those suffering with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and similar illnesses in the UK. We are committed to working in partnership with other organisations in seeking solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by females with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and similar illnesses in the UK

Andrea Corbett
Andrea Corbett is an educator,  proud mother to her ‘OneSon’, an amateur bodybuilder and a Personal Trainer; focusing primarily on working with females, in order to raise their confidence, self esteem and help them to become the best version of themselves.
Andrea is a qualified teacher and founder of BabeBox
Temi Nuga
Temi Nuga
Temi Nuga is a British Fitness, Health and well being professional with over ten years experience working in the fitness industry. Former 100m athlete and current Personal Trainer, Temi is a passionate, disciplined and very goal orientated fitness professional.
Temi is a level 3 Certified Personal trainer, REP’s level 3 registered, first aid qualified, holder of a Sport science degree and founder of 5 Rings Fitness UK and the Real Women keep fit movement.

E: fiveringsfitness@hotmail.com | W: www.5ringsfitness.co.uk | YT: 5RingsFitnesstv |IG: real_women_keep_fit | FB:www.facebook.com/5ringsfitness101 | Twitter: @5RingsFitnessuk

Monica Imbert
Monica Imbert is a practicing Public Health practitioner with circa 15 years in Health Improvement/Promotion. Monica is a proud mother of a 16 year old daughter, amateur body builder, fitness professional, teacher, trainer and all around health enthusiast.
Monica is a qualified Teacher, Project Manager and holder of a Masters in Public Health

E: TheBakingBodyBuilder@gmail.com