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Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Vegan)

The originally recipe was adapted slightly from one found on  I love these because you literally throw all the ingredients into a blender and then form into patties Makes six Burgers Nutritional information per burger 236 K/Cal Carbs  37.7g Protein 11.3g Fat  4.9g Fibre 9.9g Ingredients 2 1/2 cups    Black beans 10g                Sea Salt 1 tbsp.          Cumin Seed… Continue reading Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Vegan)


Beef and Red Bean Soup

This Beef and Red Bean soup is great addition to your arsenal of quick fix winter warmers 4 servings Nutritional information per serving K/Cal                      406 Fat                           6g Carbohydrate        56g Protein                    33g Ingredients 1                               Large Organic Carrot 400g                       Diced Beef 3                              Organic Spring onions 2                              Kallo beef stock cubes 1 (approx 400g)   Large white flesh Sweet Potato 1                               Large Organic… Continue reading Beef and Red Bean Soup


Chilli and Chickpea soup

This recipe is an adaptation of an original supplied by Baseline Lifestyle.  A great clean and wholesome winter warmer. 10 servings Calories             142 Fat                      2g Carbohydrate   24g Protein              7g Ingredients 1 tsp Cumin Seeds 50g Curly Kale 10g Ginger 10 g/1 Red Chilli 1… Continue reading Chilli and Chickpea soup


High Protein Gluten Free Spicy Turkey Burgers

These are my absolute favourite! I make a batch once a week and if you have ever caught sight of my instagram you know that I am partial to having them at any time of the day! Great at breakfast, served with scrambled egg whites and mushrooms. A quick fix at lunchtime with some sweet… Continue reading High Protein Gluten Free Spicy Turkey Burgers