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The Land of the Vegan – A weird BUT wonderful place

OK so I am just going to cut to the chase – peeps wanna know why I decided to go plant-based (I will explain why I use plant-based and not Vegan in a bit). You are a bodybuilder! – what about the gains? – where you gonna get your protein? Honestly – it was an… Continue reading The Land of the Vegan – A weird BUT wonderful place

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Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Vegan)

The originally recipe was adapted slightly from one found on  I love these because you literally throw all the ingredients into a blender and then form into patties Makes six Burgers Nutritional information per burger 236 K/Cal Carbs  37.7g Protein 11.3g Fat  4.9g Fibre 9.9g Ingredients 2 1/2 cups    Black beans 10g                Sea Salt 1 tbsp.          Cumin Seed… Continue reading Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Vegan)


Chilli and Chickpea soup

This recipe is an adaptation of an original supplied by Baseline Lifestyle.  A great clean and wholesome winter warmer. 10 servings Calories             142 Fat                      2g Carbohydrate   24g Protein              7g Ingredients 1 tsp Cumin Seeds 50g Curly Kale 10g Ginger 10 g/1 Red Chilli 1… Continue reading Chilli and Chickpea soup