Serena L, Essex

After replacing my Marks & Spencer’s salted caramel cookies with Fuzzy Monz-Star’s Cashew Cookies, I must say I’m thoroughly impressed! Being an office worker, I often find myself wanting to snack on something sweet throughout the day, however as of late I have started to notice the affect on my teeth and waistline!

It was only when a colleague of mine had brought in a batch of Fuzzy’s Red Velvet Cup Cakes for a charity cake sale did I realise how tasty taking the ‘healthier option’ would be! I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to swapping tasty for healthy, but OH MY did I eat my words (no pun intended). They were super super tasty, filling and contained lots of flavor, and surprisingly, they don’t leave you feeling lethargic after one too many!

As lovely as the cupcakes were, I am a self professed cookie lover and so decided to contact Fuzzy directly to see what other items were on offer. My eyes popped out of my head when I was advised they make cookies too. Not just any NORMAL ones, but CASHEW cookies.

I was so impressed when my first order arrived, the packaging is lovely, and the cookies were super tasty. The consistency was outstanding, and the size was perfect for discretionary tea breaks not to mention the cookies don’t crumble everywhere (including into my keyboard).

I would certainly recommend Fuzzy’s treats to everyone who simply loves good, healthy and enjoyable food! A company to watch out for.