Fire Hazard Games brings you City Dash

All hail Gwyn Morfey for City Dash is upon us!!!

If you grew up in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s when as children you were allowed to play outside on the street with the other children from sunrise to sunset, then you will be aware of what I mean when I shout ‘Run out’.  Gwyn Morfey, Owner and Founder of Fire Hazard Games, born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, once the MD of Web Development company New Bamboo; six months ago decided he would give it all up to dedicate his time to introducing ‘STEALTH EXERCISE’ into our lives creating moments of both energy and excitement. The joy Gwyn has brought into people’s lives through Fire Hazard Games must be applauded.

Who are Fire Hazard Games?

One of the UK’s leading street games outfits, who have been running, screaming, evading and escaping since 2008 and are the team behind the original burglary experience Heist.


What is City Dash?

City Dash is a fast real-world game of speed stealth and strategy played on the streets!! (the words of the man himself!!) Aim of the game: get as many points as you can by texting the code at each of the checkpoints, the codes of opposing teams and also the codes of other guards…..huh?

What? Let me explain……

You have the choice of creating a team of your own (consisting of four players) or being given a team.  We opted to be put into a team as there were only two of us.  Team members; code name Dee (checkpoint notifier), CeCe (expert map reader), Brie (code finder and look-out) and me Fuzzy Monz-Star (code breaker), together we were ‘Team Dark Horse’.


We were given 15 minutes before the start of the game to get out of sight of every other team. We were armed with a grid map and ID’s that had to be pinned to both our front and back (but only once completely out of sight from the other teams) as those codes, if seen by any other team could be texted into HQ and score the observing team points.  When the 15 minutes were up we were sent a text to say that scoring had begun, shortly after that we received further texts offering us cryptic clues and grid locations for where valuable checkpoint codes could be found. En route to locations however, we had to look out for other teams who would be poised and ready to text our codes in and patrolling guards whom, if observed and texted your code in, had the power to freeze you out of zones on the grid!!!  I am excited just recounting!!!

The guards were also wearing check point codes which were of extremely high value, a risky venture but worth it.  Team checkpoint photos also earned us valuable extra points so reading text messages was of the upmost importance if we were to earn those crucial extra points.


For an hour, we ran, screamed, jumped and rolled our way around the grid. Running for checkpoints, re-strategizing on the fly and ducking for cover as patrolling guards and opposing teams closed in. With a huge range of strategies, approaches, and levels, you can take this as casually or competitively as you want….we chose brain over brawn.  Our strategy paid off earning us a very well deserved third place victory.

What Fire Hazard Games successfully do is to bring simplicity back into our hectic and information driven lives.  It is an hour of being brought back to basics, of laughing, playing and interacting on the most rudimentary level, something we should all want to do….regularly.

When talking with Gwyn back at HQ he said ‘you never run harder than when you are being chased’ and that struck a chord.  At no time did I acknowledge the high levels of activity that I was engaging in.  In my quest to find fun fitness activities I have stumbled upon a gimmick free way to burn those calories…just go out and play.  Something we seem to forget as we get older!!! Fire Hazard Games offer us a trip down Nostalgia Lane with the added bonus of the creation of real and present day stories to tell our friends and families….

If you are intrigued and would like to experience the joy that was City Dash or any of the other activities that Fire Hazard Games have to offer you can find them at or on twitter @FireHazardGame

You have my guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Love and Light

The Baking BodyBuilder

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